Elysium is a project I started by myself in April, 2021. Originally a means to fund a surgery my cat desperately needed, it's become a full-time hobby and passion of mine. My work mostly centers around female clothing and accessories, with some focus on facial 'sculpt' edits and texturing. I've recently reopened commissions, and you can find more information on that under commissions.

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About Queen Cawowine the Tewwible

My name is Caroline and I'm a 26-year-old modder from the UK. I'm the sole owner of Elysium Mods, and the notorious 'basically no perms' modder. I started modding in April of 2021 as a pastime and also as a way to raise money for my cat who had a history of recurring urethral obstructions, and as such had a perineal urethrostomy recommended by his vet in order to prevent further obstructions. After pretty much back-to-back, non-stop mod making, I managed to get him his surgery on 08/19/2021 and I'm eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to the cost.

I mostly make clothing and accessory mods for female characters but also dabble in sculpt edits and some texture work. Most of my mods follow a general theme of 'dark', 'sexy', and 'edgy'. I tend to favor leather/latex and lace and tight-fitting pieces, though I'll occasionally also play around with elegant/cutesy dresses.

Commissions are open. You can find more information here.

Having self-taught myself 95% of what I know in terms of modding, I'm happy to help anyone who's interested in getting into it. As such, I've added a resource channel to my Discord and occasionally host streams in which I make mods in real-time, in order to teach the more visual learners.


Hell Inc

Hell Inc. is my boyfriend's modding/posing project. He's fairly new to the modding community and his stuff tends to follow an edgy/dark theme. You can join his Discord server through this link.
He's recently set up a Patreon on which he'll be posting exclusive Patreon only releases at least 3 times a month. You can check that out at this link.

Permissions & Rules

  • 𝐈. Ports of my mods onto any other body mod, upscales, downscales(to any size), and general edits/modifications are all allowed. I've no issues with any creators, and as such, I don't care about who you commission for these changes. I am also open to taking these commissions, and information on that can be found on my commissions page.

  • 𝐈𝐈. If reuploading an edit, please do not include textures unless the edit includes texture edits. Include a link to the original mod within the post.

  • 𝐈𝐈𝐈. Please do not reupload my premium content. Premium mods containing T&F3 assets will all be released to the public at some point. Please only upload edits after the mod has been publicly released.

  • 𝐈𝐕. Feel free to use my free mods in paid commissions, if credited properly. Don't paywall, resell, etc., any of my non resource mods in a store-type fashion (ko-fi, patreon, gumroad, shopify, etc.). Ko-fi, Patreon, Gumroad, etc. releases of edits of my mods are fine, so long as they're free and link back to my original.

  • 𝐕𝐈. The resources I release all have open permissions- this means that I do not require you to credit me(though it is always appreciated), or ask for permission to use them and you can use them in literally whatever you want. The only rule I have is that they not be resold/redistributed on their own. Using (for example, eye textures, brows, teeth, etc.) in free, or even paid items like Ko-fi/Gumroad sculpts, makeups, etc. is absolutely fine. I've released these resources so that they can be used and enjoyed by everyone- without hogtying people with rules.

I've always had a very open stance on permissions, and often jokingly calling them my 'nonexistent permissions'. The reason behind this is simple: we're on the internet. At the end of the day, people are going to do whatever they want. I'm not going to waste time and energy that I could otherwise spend on creating in trying to enforce permissions that will be broken regardless of what I say. For many of us, our OCs are highly personal extensions of ourselves and we have a very specific vision of how we'd like them to look- it's not my place to tell you what you can/can't do with your character. It's also not my place to tell you what you can/can't do with your purchases. With my 'permissions', I ask for the bare minimum of basic respect- and those permissions can be found above.

Oftentimes, the best way to get someone to do something is by telling them not to do something, and so it's ultimately counterproductive. With that in mind, it's my hope that my 'all but nonexistent' permissions encourage those who use my mods to respect the few perms that I do have- especially having experienced the super strict perm alternative that most other creators have.

In short, I don't really care about what's done/made/whatever with my content, so long as I'm credited in some way and rules 𝐈𝐈, 𝐈𝐈𝐈, and 𝐈𝐕 are respected. Go wild. To reiterate what I've said before; I'm not here to police what people do on the internet or hogtie them with rules. What you choose to do is your business- not mine. All I ask is for the same courtesy.

Commission ToS:
DO... mostly whatever you want. If you paid for something, it's not my place to tell you that you can't edit it, share it among close friends, etc. The only thing that I ask for is that you give me some sort of attribution.

Additional information and clarifications on commission ToS and FAQ can be found on my FAQ page. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

TLDR: I'm not overly protective or overly sensitive, but don't be a dick.

Note - These are my personal permissions/rules and do not reflect the permissions/rules of other modders, or creators' whose content I may use.


Commisions Information

I opened commissions due to issues with my other cat, Kitty 2.0. She's okay and she ended up just having an allergic reaction to her food- but I decided to keep comms open for the time being regardless. Feel free to message me on Discord with any inquiries or requests. I will usually take payment before I start, though I'm open to taking half up front and half after the fact for those who are more comfortable with that. We can also use the invoicing/"goods and services" system on Paypal as it has buyer protection(for you). My personal Discord is Caroline#0666 and the Elysium Mods server can be joined through this link. In it, you can find some of the stuff I've done under #commission-portfolio, and you can also check my XIVMA profile to get a feel for my work.

NSFW is fine. Almost nothing is too out there.

Due to a high influx of requests, I currently have somewhat of a waitlist. The ETD below denotes how long commissions will usually take for me to finish once I start them.

Type of CommissionETDPrice
Ports(Rips&Assets)*3-5 days£35-£45
Texture Bakes* (Gen 3 to Bibo+/vice versa)1-2 daysFree but tips appreciated!
Selfmade Clothing*3-7 days£25+*
Hair(Sims/SN/etc)*1-2 days£15-£25
Hair- Fixing bad weights/textures*1-2 days£5 Textures | £10 Weights
Facial 'Sculpts'*1.5-2 weeks£30-£40
Piercings*3-5 days£15- £20
Makeup3-5 days£15- £20
Eyebrows*1-2 days£10- £15
Face Swaps1-2 days£5
Horn/Ear swaps1-2 days£10
Item Mashups*1-2 days£20-£30
Misc Alterations*1-2 days£10-£15+
Body Type Ports/Gender Swaps*1-2 days£20-£25+
Tall to Lalafell Gear Ports*1-2 days£15-£25
Scale/Tattoo Conversions*1-2 days£15
Misc. Texture Work/Tattoos*1-2 days£15-£35

General Notes & Clarifications

The rates above are the bare minimum and are subject to increase depending on the complexity/time involved in the project. I'll of course let you know before anything is set in stone. For the most part, rates are as I've listed them, but I figured I'd add in this disclaimer for any super complex requests that I might get. Naturally, smaller projects tend to fall on the lower side of the spectrum, more complex, on the higher.

PS: Most things aren't actually as complicated as some modders make it out to be.

Please note that clothing items will be fit to one body type- additional bodies/gender will incur an additional fee.

Prices are indicative of just my service charge. Assets must be paid for in full separately, unless I already have the item in which case I'll just cover the cost (I have a LOT of assets because I'm an idiot) While I can rip some games, it's easier if a mesh can be provided. For the games I can rip from, I don't charge for the rip itself. Sims/SL/etc ports from creators who don't allow public ports must be kept private.

Texture Bakes (Gen 3 to Bibo+/vice versa)
What this entails is taking existing textures made for one body (be it B+ or Gen 3) and baking it over so that it's compatible with another body. This is ideal for those of you who have Bibo+/Gen 3 as your main body but use a lot of compatibility patch mods which result in the loss of your personalized textures/tattoos/scales/etc. I offer this service free of charge, but tips are incredibly appreciated as it usually also involved some texture clean up on my end which can be quite time consuming.

Selfmade Clothing
Prices start at £25 and increase depending on the intricacy of the project. This fee covers both texture and mesh work. My experience with handmade assets is somewhat limited to basic casual wear, dresses, and generally simple pieces. Examples of self-made work include the top in Faith, the outfit Cirice, the skirt in Adieu,, and the dress in Kuru's Cheese. Feel free to message me on Discord and we can discuss whether or not I'd be able to make what you're looking for.

Hairs from Sims creators who allow ports can be posted publically(if you would like). Hairs from creators who do not allow ports must remain private. SN/other ripped hairs can be posted publicly. Price depends on intricacy.

Hair - Fixing bad Weights/Textures
You've all seen them. The beautiful hair meshes that were simply not done justice, be it because they're stiff as a board when you run, or textureless in that they have basically a blank normal and a multi that looks like it's been taken from a 90's website. In any case, I can fix this. I can make it better. I can dry your tears and make your hair beautiful.

Facial 'Sculpts'
Prices vary depending on complexity, but for the most part, should not exceed the £40 mark for full-face edits. I can also do specific areas, ie. the nose, eyes, lips, etc. for reduced rates.

Facial piercings, body piercings, etc. of all types. Prices vary depending on complexity, and I'm basing the current rates on no more than 3 simple piercings at a time. We can discuss pricing for complicated/intricate/large amounts of piercings via Discord.

Pricing depends on whether eyebrows should be standalone on the _etc or attached to a face diffuse/makeup.

Item Mashups
(ie. Combining different tail & ear mods, mashups of vanilla gear, etc.)

Misc Alterations
(ie. Removing certain bits from mods, gender-swapping, upscaling, downscaling, body swaps, and general modifications.) Prices vary depending on complexity.

Body Type Ports/Gender Swaps
I am open to swapping for
any body, as well as any size; Gen 3, TF3, Eve, Freyja, Bibo+ and any of its variants, Gen 2s, Eos, Andro, Rider Thicc, Trans, etc. Any mod, any content. It's up to you to figure out permissions. I'm just providing a service and won't be looking into it myself outside of doing what I'm being paid to do.

Lalafell Ports
Tall to Lalafell gear ports are all subject to my personal discretion. I reserve the right to refuse any commissions that involve infantilizing characters.

Scale/Tattoo Conversions
(ie. Taking Gen 2/Bibo scales/tattoos and converting them to TF3, or vice versa.)

Misc. Texture Work/Tattoos
(ie. Colouration fixes, texture/makeup mashups, basic tattoos, scarrification(see Amunet), texture overlays(see Amour), gear upscales, transparency edits(adding semi transparent bits to existing mods), etc.)*

Commissioned ports are all subject to be posted publicly. The commissioner is free to do whatever they want with it, outside of redistributing it as their own work. I am open to making mods for any body, as well as any size; Gen 3(Eve, TF, Freyja), Bibo+, Gen 2s, XXXL, AF, Eos, and all of their variants, etc.

Non asset ports that are meant to remain permanently private incur an additional 25% fee on top of the original cost.

Please be aware that I take payments in GBP! A lot of my commissioners are EU or US- so remember to Google the exchange rate so you can know how much it'll be in your currency.

I take payment through Paypal and Gumroad! Paypal is preferred, but you can find my Gumroad payment link here if you're more comfortable with that. Paypal info can be exchanged via messages.

Any additional questions may be answered in my FAQ page, but feel free to contact me directly if you can't find an answer to what you're looking for.

Patreon Content & Tips

I've recently shifted over to Patreon after having reached my goal and gotten Meowington the surgery he needed. This was a decision made mostly so that I would have more freedom in posting NSFW content(since Ko-fi disallows that), and so that it would be, in the long term, cheaper for my supporters- without whom, I wouldn't have been able to get his surgery as quickly as I was able to. To that end, I've set up 3 different tiers, so hopefully, there's something for everyone. For those of you who aren't financially able, all of my content containing T&F assets will eventually be released publically (usually within a month of its original release date), and so most things will be available for everyone at some point.

I tend to release between 7-15 mods a month for my Blushing & Cancelled Catto tier, 2-4 exclusive Cancelled Catto mods, and 3 poll-determined mods(& occasionally bonus mods) for my Cwiminal Catto tier.

Whether you're a Patron or just someone who uses my mods, I want you to know that I appreciate you! It always brightens my day whenever I see a screenshot of someone using something I've made, and I hope I can continue to bring beautiful things into this community.

Feel free to join the Elysium Discord server - we're fairly friendly, and I'm always happy to help people learn to do what I do. And yes, I will handhold you. Or just send you cat emotes. Or both.

Below, you can find screenshot previews of my most recent Patreon mods. Clicking on any of the previews will direct you to it's Patreon release page.

>> You can find my Patreon at this link.

>> You can find my Gumroad link embedded below.

You can find my commission info** at this link.

Contact Elysium Mods

Please use this form to contact me regarding any business inquiries, notices, or to add a question to the F.A.Q list. Typically, messages will get a response within 2-3 days at the very most. Please note that this form is only for business-related contact, and so general well-wishes, though appreciated, will likely not be responded to.


Here I will post Q&As of questions that have regularly been asked. If the information you're looking for isn't listed here, please take a look at my ToS page. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you're welcome to message me on Discord or through my contact form and I'll be more than happy to help!

Am I allowed to share mods that I've commissioned from you with friends?

Yes. Once you've paid for something, you're free to do whatever you want with it. All I ask is that you not post it for open download--I'm happy to post it myself if you want something to go public.

What are the guidelines on the resources that you've released?

They're open for use by anyone, for anything. Credit is appreciated but not required. Feel free to do quite literally whatever you want with them. Moreover, I permit my free mods to be used as resources for paid/free/private/whatever work as long as I'm credited and a link to my website is included in the post/modpack.

Is there anything you won't do?

Generally, the only work I won't do is the work that I don't know how to do, or work that is illegal to do. I'm here to provide an impartial modding service, not judge my commissioners' personal choices.

Do you accept OCs as references?

Yes. I'm a firm believer in the notion that no individual can 'own' a lip, eye, nose, etc. shape, or dress style. While I won't accept requests to rip off someone's character 1:1, taking inspiration from a character to a certain degree, be it from a general aesthetic/theme or wanting a particular nose/etc shape, is fine.

What are your preferred payment methods? Are there any payment methods you do not accept?

I'm most comfortable with Paypal due to the security measures they've got in place for both the seller and buyer, but I am also willing to take payment through Gumroad or Shopify. I'm willing to accept essentially any payment method; Crypto, Venmo, CashApp, etc- money is money, I'd even take it through carrier pigeon, if necessary.

Are there any creators whose work you won't accept commissions for?

No. I'm disinterested in the community drama and as mentioned before, I'm here to provide an impartial modding service. Whether or not someone likes me, whether or not someone is frowned upon, or whether or not whatever-- it isn't of any importance to me. You pay me, I do the work. No fuss, no drama, no questions. Just a simple, objective exchange.

Will you ever do Bibo+ mods again?

Yes. I have a lot of stuff going on in real life and so fitting and weighing everything I make twice so that they fit both bodies isn't feasible for me right now. I do, however, plan on going back and updating my more popular mods so that they include Bibo+ versions, as well as including Bibo+ versions to everything I make once things become a bit more manageable.

Will you share your private mods/hairs with me? Do you do collabs? Can you feature me in one of your mods?

Provided the mods are mine to share, sure. As far as collabs go, I'm also open to them. I don't take my character very seriously, so it's not a big deal to me. I'm always happy to feature people in my promo shots- screenshots are my least favourite part of mod making since I'm terrible at them.

Feel free to PM me on Discord and we can talk about it.

Do you accept ultra NSFW commission requests?

Yes. More information can be found on my commissions page. If you've any questions, feel free to reach out through Discord.

Can I commission you in secret?

Yes. I already have several recurring customers who would rather not have their commissions/names publicized, and am always happy to add more. 'Secret' commissions incur an additional 20% fee since I won't be able to record the commission in my portfolio.

What's your refund policy?

If you require a refund for whatever reason before the work has been delivered to you, I'm always happy to oblige. Once the commission has been delivered and okayed I will consider it fulfilled, and refunds will not be offered. I will only refund commissions that have already been started on (50% of the work completed) if I'm able to recover my losses by posting it somewhere or reselling it to someone else. Commissions for things like private hairs or content with iron-clad perms that I'm not allowed to post will not be refunded.

What programs do you use for your work?

Currently, I use Autodesk 3ds Max 2022, Photoshop CS6, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Daz Studio, and Zbrush.

Can you teach me to mod?

Yes and no. Modding is something you kind of have to teach yourself, but I am willing to give you the starter essentials when I have time, and occasionally I do streams in my server where I show how I work from start to finish. I also have a resources channel within Elysium where I post video guides and helpful information.

I really love X mod of yours but I can't afford to subscribe to your Patreon, could you send it to me for free?

Sure. If for whatever reason you really want something and can't afford it, I'm happy to send it out. All I ask is for it to not become habitual and that people don't take advantage of my openness with my mods. Almost all of my clothing mods become public eventually(usually within a month~) due to Titan's permissions against vaulted content- so even if you can't afford it, you'll be able to enjoy it for free down the line.

I have a bit of an unconventional commission request but I'm afraid to approach you about it..?

Don't be. I've gotten a fair share of 'unconventional' requests, and a fair share of requests that would've had most other modders running to Twitter to cause a scene. I'm not unprofessional. If I don't want to/can't do something, I'll simply say "no thanks" and move on. I'm not going to make some massive Google doc outing someone for wanting 'weird shit' commissioned and post it on Twitter. I'm here to run an impartial modding service, not be the internet/mod police and judge people/their kinks.

What's the deal with (XYZ) drama? Do you know about what happened with (XYZ), and why...etc?

Don't know, don't care. I'm not involved in, nor interested in, any of the childish, mean girl-esque antics that go on behind the scenes and on Twitter. It's not my problem, nor am I being paid to concern myself with it. My DMs are always open and I'm happy to answer whatever questions I can, but I choose to keep my circle incredibly small and am not aware of anything that happens outside of it, simply because that kind of stuff is just not appealing to me. I just make mods.

Can I port your mod to Eve or <some other body mod>?

Go for it, I don't care. I can't/don't care to control what people do on the Internet. Depending on what it is, I can also be commissioned to port it for you. Feel free to check my commissions page.

This FAQ page is actively being expanded upon. To have your question added, feel free to send me an ask through my contact form.